We are back for another round!!!
A Drinking Game Vienna* proudly presents an intoxicating performance of:
Death Becomes Her
And this one is going to be very, very special… 🙂

Pre-sale tickets for just €10! Abendkasse €12.
Seating is of course limited, so book early! Physical distancing will of course be maintained, in accordance with all local regulations.

We take your favorite cult film, mix in a live staged reading, add a dash of your favorite beverage, and you’ve got one hell of a cocktail.

Professional actors perform cult classics for a live audience. One night only. A new show every time – comedies like The „Princess Bride“, „Back to the Future“, and „Ghostbusters“.

Each movie comes with a list of buzzwords and phrases – when you hear one, a bell rings and everybody drinks! The actors are in on the fun, too. Plus, when someone says a name, the actor playing that character has to drink. So as the evening progresses, the show’s bound to get a little wacky.
* Under official license from A Drinking Game Los Angeles

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