Dharmander Singh was born in Birmingham in the mid 70’s as a first generation British Asian. He started in theatre from a young age and graduated to stand up comedy in his late 20’s. He successfully ran the Birmingham comedy club „Custard Balti“. In 2008, Dharmander did an early „Brexit“ and moved to Germany. Based in Berlin, he has been entertaining crowds from Amsterdam to Dubai for over 15 years.
A comedy festival regular, Dharmander performed at Edinburgh Fringe and Birmingham Comedy Festival in 2017 with his acclaimed one-man show „Bollywood and Birmingham to Berlin and Brexit“ for the first time. This show travels in regular intervals through European countries such as Austria, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and Italy. Last year he was part of the Edinburgh Fringe again and also performed his show in the Angel Comedy Club in London, in Birmingham and in Amman, Jordan.
He has appeared on BBC radio on several occasions and featured in the Scottish BAFTA winning film „Crying with Laughter“. His style of comedy is light-hearted, captivating, warm, entertaining and energetic with smatterings of social and political commentary.
„Dharmander’s mega-watt smile and brilliantly energetic style will win you over.“
Sonya Nemec (Blog: The Girl with the Edinburgh Tattoo, full review, Edinburgh Fringe 2017)
„Dharmander Singh is an energetic, lively, fun MC and comedian. He is extremely likeable and audiences warm to him immediately.“
Nik Coppin (Stand-up comedian, Laughing Panda Productions, 2017)
„Dharmander is an amazing and mesmerizing presence on stage. You cannot help but love him.“
Lynn Ruth Miller (Stand-up comedian, entertainer, 2017)
★Audience Reviews★
„A wonderful show! Very funny and also quite moving. A personal story that takes in religion, politics and identity – with one-liners we were still quoting days later!“
Stuart Parkinson
“Great show. A satirical look at issues we all face today. Highly recommended!”
Lalita Uttamsingh
“Excellent show. Refreshing humour. Look forward to see him again. Five stars.”
Peter Dawson
“Enjoyed this show. Friendly, energetic, feel-good comedy!”
A stand-up comic for more than 15 years, Nik Coppin has performed all over the world and developed an international cult following. He has performed many solo shows at the Edinburgh and Adelaide Fringe Festivals, New Zealand and Melbourne International Comedy Festivals, all over Australia and the inaugural Hollywood Fringe Festival in Los Angeles, all to critical acclaim.
His confident, affable and energetic style of comedy is quick to build audience rapport, as he talks about subjects as wide-ranging as human nature, his experiences in The Antipodes, Europe and Asia, his extensive knowledge of wildlife, superheroes, current affairs and his mixed-race up bringing in London. His mother is English and his father is from the Caribbean island of Barbados.
„Incredibly likable“
The Advertiser, Adelaide Fringe 2016
„Coppin is clever and manages to captivate the audience at every turn“ 
„He talks at 100mph and generates an irresistible atmosphere of good old-fashioned fun“ 
Chortle.co.uk, Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2010
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