Dottore Guzman is a citizen of the world. Originally from latin-america (he was born in Chile). He now lives in central europe (with a residence in Austria). His music expresses many different groovy latin-american feelings. His mixture of rock and the different latin american rythyms together with a direct message in the lyrics, are an experience one should not miss out on.

Because of the monopolised music industry that is in the hands of very few people, „Rock Latino“, which is a fusion of latin-american rythyms and rock, with the exception of a mere few (e.g. Santana), has not been shown to the international audience although it has existed and has been through a process of evolution since Rock n’Roll began back in the 1950’s. Dottore Guzman is no exception either. Known to a mere few in the underground world. His music is a „World Music“ for the alternative scene with lyrics (all translated to English) that makes one think about life, love, politics etc. With the great musical experience of his backing band: Latino-América-Unida, his music, LIVE, is expressed in an unforgettable way. With his debut album: Iconoclasta (which is latin for: against all norms), Dottore Guzman shows the listener in his 14 Songs (12 + 2 medleys – all dottore guzman compositions) just some different rythyms to be heard throughout latin america. The album starts off with 2 political protests. Witness his work yourself and enjoy

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