At long last, it is finally time, dear friends!

Our debut album – entitled „Legends“, as you might already know – is now nearing its completion, and of course, we will also need to present the album to you guys as soon as it’s done!

And guess what? The date is already set!

On Saturday, November 5th, we shall gather once again in unity and dignity at Vienna’s AERA bar, Gonzagagasse 11, 1010 Vienna, and celebrate not only our guitar player’s birthday, but of course also the birthday of our very first full length album!

So be a part of this fateful evening, and ride with us in most epic fashion into the sacred lands of Alcador (wherever that may be), and witness the official presentation of our debut album „Legends“! And yes – a few copies of the brandnew album will definitely be on sale that night!

However, when we say „epic fashion“, we MEAN „epic fashion“ of course; so whoever joins us that night in Fantasy or Medieval style costumes will get free admission to the show! Now how’s that sound?

So people, get your EPIC on, and join us when it’s finally time for us to present our first album!

The gates to your destiny shall open at 19:30 that night, and there will be another band on stage to open up for us and get you in the mood for some glory. Who that very special guest will be, we shall announce shortly.

Admission to the show will be EUR 5.-, except of course if you are dressed befitting the occasion (as explained above), in which case admission for you will be free!

So stay tuned for further updates concerning the event and our special guest, and see you all at the AERA on November 5th for the great battle of our time!

Ale and mead for everyone, and a loud CHEERS from

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