KRASHKARMA plays songs with riffs, not riffs trying to be songs!”

The band KRASHKARMA hit the scene in late 2008 after changing their name and upgrading their musical vision.  They began under the name SUICIDE HOLIDAY in 2005 and have independently booked 12 national tours, played over 300 shows, including Germany and Africa, have produced 3 EPs, 2 full lengths and sold over 8000 units out of the back of their ’78 Dodge Van. This did not go unnoticed in the Hollywood scene as they won the “Rock City News Award” for ” best independent touring band” in December 2007.

The Los Angeles based band was formed by Ralf Dietel after his 30 day career as NINE INCH NAILS guitar player.

The producer/singer/guitarist moved to the US from Germany where he shared the stage with bands such as FOO FIGHTERS and RAMMSTEIN. On the drums and vocals is the award winning Nicole Skistimas, whose dangerous style and sound are emblematic to the core vision of KRASHKARMA: a pretty girl who doesn’t just play the drums, she destroys them all while singing second lead.  Nic Nifoussi, somewhat of an LA legend, holds down seismic bass lines while Zak Bowman shreds intricate guitar lines over the intense rhythmic vibe the band creates with their catchy songs.

In 2008 the band recorded and self released a new song every month along with a video to go with it on their webpage, placed songs in independent movies and licensed music to FOX SPORTS .

In 2009, KRASHKARMA self- released their first EP “seven deadly sounds” under the new name on Jan 11th. This was followed by “Seven Deadly Tours” throughout the US and Africa. Having written a good number of songs while on the road, when the band got back to Los Angeles, they immediately started working on their new album.  An opportunity came up for the band to record the album in Germany, so they spent the summer there in 2010 and released their full length debut album on SONY in October following a successful promo tour that took them throughout the country where they received a lot of great press and a new fan base.

Now in 2011, EMI is releasing the debut album in the US and band will be getting back out on the road for a 4 week tour across the nation in March.  After this, they will head back to Europe for the summer where they will be touring on a club level as well as appearing at some of the major festivals.


Rocquette is a European Rock band formed in January 2005 in Austria.

Barbie Hardrock, lead singer and song writer of Rocquette and known for her sexy charm and pink hair, is the life and soul of the band. Searching for a band name together with lead guitarist, song writer and producer Thomas M. Perry, Barbie Hardrock wanted something that included the genre definition and at the same time sounded „melodic“ – and so they came up with the name „Rocquette“.

Already in the early weeks and months after formation, the band was touring on their own initiative (in clubs as well as several Open Air shows such as the „Rock Pub Open Air“ and „Out Of Scene Festival“), with a set consisting of mostly songs that Barbie and Tom had written in earlier band projects and now made over.

In 2006, Rocquette put together a demo album named „Detoxic“, which contained this composition of songs and was spread over a broad spectrum of styles, ranging from soft pop-rock to heavy hard-rock tracks. This album was followed by another tour, already reaching over national borders and the limited number of CDs was sold out soon.

A little later, in June 2007, the first official Rocquette album called „Too Fast For Love“ was presented in a large-scale CD Release Gala at the Hollywood Megaplex Gasometer in Vienna.
„Too Fast For Love“, the album with the prominent Highway cover and now also world-wide available, was designed to the last detail by Barbie and Tom – both artists from the bottom of their hearts and always driven by ambition and perfectionism – as one can judge by the 24-pages wide booklet.

Again, a time of intensive touring followed – also extravagant shows like a performance as part of the „CeMM Congress – Drug Action and Chemical Biology in the Post-Genomic Era“, surrounded by the fantastic and unconventional atmosphere of the (!) domed hall of the Nature Historic Museum in Vienna (August 25, 2007). Soon, Rocquette was touring internationally and in 2009 they even made it over the Atlantic, for the first time playing shows in the south west of the United States of America. With this tour and the „webisodes“, a tour diary which was documented on the internet, the international fan base of Rocquette grew widely (especially on social network platforms like MySpace and Facebook).

The success and experiences from the international tour brought up new inspiration and the style developed more and more into a broadband-like and catchy mixture of pop rock and hard rock, sometimes awaking memories of 80s top hits, but by some critics mentioned as „Pink vs Avril Lavigne“ calling for attention also in the modern rock genre.

After an intense period of song writing and developing, Rocquette presents a new album on Feb 3, 2011: „13“ is spreading a breeze of Las Vegas (the city where the band celebrated it´s USA debut), and the album cover, full of real tour pictures, shows a very personal review and insight into Rocquette. The sound of „13“ is striking, massive, heavy on guitars, but also contains – as influenced by popular music – a more intense and versatile voice, which leads critics to point out especially Barbie Hardrock and the broadcast compatible new direction of Rocquette. Again, there is a rather broad spectrum of styles, reaching from glamorous-cheesy rock ballad, over newly integrated Blues to thoroughbred Rock´n´Roll and Hardrock – intense guitar intros and soli as normal – but, what is mentioned over and over again: on „13“, one catchy tune follows the other, delivering a party feeling even with heavy rotation.


LelKem (Alternative & Progressive Rock/ A-Vienna)

Der urbane Musikstil der in 2009 gegründeten Band LelKem lässt sich wohl übergreifend nur als „Modern Lament“
bezeichnen. Hört man nur einen Song, oder gar einen Auszug ist man versucht zu behaupten, es handelt sich
um eine Indie Rock, oder gar auch eine Post Rock Band. Das darauf Zitate aus der Neunziger Alternative Rock
Szene, sowie verschachtelte Rhythmen und brachiale Härte aus dem Neo Progressive Rock folgen kommt im
Anschluss unerwartet.

Diese Stilistische Vielfalt ordnet sich jedoch stets dem intelligenten Songwriting unter und verzichtet nie
auf prägende Hooklines.Das beinahe klassisch besetzte Trio mit ungarischen Wurzeln besticht mit
bittersüßer Melancholie, experimentiellen Klangforschungen, Effekthascherein, einigen Loops aus der Elektro

Abteilung und eine gehörige Portion Rock Adittüde. Dies passiert auf einer Weise, die es mitunter sogar vergessen
lässt, es stünde wirklich nur ein Trio auf der Bühne. Ihre Live Auftritte sind abwechslungsreich, kurzweilig und
laden auf eine musikalische Reise, die sicher niemanden kalt lässt.

Die Band mit dem seltsamen Namen konnte in ihrer bislang kurzer Schaffensphase bereits viele Erfolge
auf den heimischen Bühnen für sich buchen, und mit über 12.400 Klicks auf Myspace auch ihr Talent für ihre Musik,
aber auch multimediales Auftreten unter Beweis stellen. Ihre 4 Track EP „Not The Answer“ ist über diverse
Netzwerk Seiten über 8.000 mal herunter geladen worden, und gibt einen guten Einblick auf ihr kommendes

Album „Yours, Mine & The Truth“, dass für den Frühjahr 2011 geplant ist.

LelKem Personel:

Boti Benedek II (Gesang, Gitarre, Progr.)
Gábor Benedek (Bass Gitarre)
Gordon Flemming (Schagzeug, Gesang, Loops)

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